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It’s always nice when someone gives you something to help you build your knowledge or inspire you. That’s what we’ve been doing at Mindgrove since we began in 2001.

On this site you will find useful links, these point you to something that’s relevant and help you locate relevant content. You will also find download links, these point you to content that you can freely access and download.

Because we research topics and work with others that help inspire our new ideas we often generate materials, or links to materials, that take you to the next step. And, naturally we take delight into bumping into someone and hearing them say that we found this out from Mindgrove, first.

So if you come on one of our courses, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t end when the course is officially over.

It’s only a guess but we think it’s a safe bet that we’ve given away more free materials in support of our training than almost any other commercial organisation on the planet. That way we’ve made lots of friends over the years and that way people have come back to us over and over again.

If you’ve found something that’s useful or inspiring and think that we should add it to our links pages, then why not let us know.

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