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Looking for quality online study?

When there are only individuals – then Mindgrove’s online learning platform is the answer.

But if you think online learning is second best to face-to-face learning then you may be in for a pleasant surprise!

We embed interactivity in our online studies similar to that used in instructor led learning. Delegates will encounter quizzes, tests, and practical work as well as meaningful imagery and downloads.

The commitment problem 

We know that training online has to work within the attention span and available time of learners.

That’s why we break all our learning down into easily digested units. A typical study module might require only one or two hours of study and delegates can start and stop as and when they choose. So our learning is self-paced.

We also have a smart working plan for organisations to help their delegates get the best out of online learning.

Blended learning?

Yes, can do!

We can deliver instructor learning for some parts of training and self-directed learning for other elements.

Furthermore, we can also provide tutor supported learning with set practical work to develop candidates in the more challenging areas of work.

Cloud learning – anyplace, anytime, any device

We have a state-of-the-art online Learning System that is engaging, immersive and responsive. It even adapts the content to the device you are using to access the platform.

Our users say that we provide a ‘good learning experience’ that helps make content memorable.

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As a footnote, many of our existing courses, or elements from them, can be turned into an offline and online blended learning format. 

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