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Why in-house training?

Have you six or more people with the same training requirement? Then think about us running a course for you at your chosen time.

Most of the courses in our course catalogue can be customised to suit your requirements. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can discuss building a course for your organisation.

Dramatic Cost Savings!

In-house training offers a low-cost alternative to joining public training events. Substantial cost savings are achieved, compared to public training.

Additionally, by bringing a programme to you via video conferencing you avoid the cost penalties related to staff and instructor travel and subsistence.

Increased Relevance

Training in-house maximises training value by delivering learning directly relevant to your objectives. And, unlike public courses, where delegates have different learning objectives, we tailor content so it is relevant to your team, and we work at a pace that suits you.

Greater Flexibility

In-house courses fit in with your busy schedule by arranging a time that suits you. 

In principle, there are no limits on the number of delegates that might join a course.

However, we occasionally recommend a delegate limit to ensure that everyone is comfortable and receives adequate attention.

Complete Confidentiality

In-house training has one final edge over public training.

All our in-house events are conducted in a framework of “non-disclosure” and this means that topics that cannot be aired in a public forum can be discussed safely and discreetly at an in-house event.

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