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Mindgrove’s consultants have a wide range of experience from the professional sectors ranging from banking, telecommunications, transport, through to central and local government and they can draw on knowledge from internal auditing, risk management, project management and project risk, information technology and behavioural psychology disciplines.

We welcome non-standard assignments that demand cross-speciality thinking and we have a reputation for unearthing areas of significance that might otherwise remain unnoticed.

We make a point of staying aware of developments in rapidly developing fields, such as technology, so even during routine audit work we often identify strategic concerns. On some occasions we find that a consultancy assignment becomes the catalyst for an internal re-appraisal of a process or solution; whilst on others we consciously go on to educate internal staff as part of the consultancy process.

You might also be interested in our concept of ‘blended consultancy’ where we execute a project in conjunction with your team blends a review with training, thus ensuring that your team gains full benefit from the experience.


If you have a consultancy project you think we may be able to help with please call us on 01925 730 200 or send email to: enquiries@mindgrove.co.uk.

We’re always happy to talk and if it’s something we can’t help you with directly we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can.