Revision of the Report Writing Process for Risk Management.

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Report writing template

This was the type of Project that we really like: Report Writing Redesign.

The exercise combined, for an International Broadcasting Company, a reduction in the work content for managers that oversaw report production, a redesign of the look-and-feel of the risk management reports, and a reworking of the content of the reports. This was accompanied by the provision of training to all staff so that they could get to grips with the new requirement.

One of the problems faced by management was the amount of time and cycles spent in revising reports before they could be issued. This meant that some reports were delayed by weeks before they were fit for publication. Related to this problem was the fact that staff seemed to fall into the same writing traps over and over again. We found a way to improve both situations.

A second part of the assignment was the look-and-feel of the current report template – it was verbose and indigestible. We found a way to lighten the content, improve readability and change the overall design so that the report now read well on tablets, screen and phone. The audit committee, in particular the Non-Executive Directors, very much liked the new format and look.

The training event followed on from the original consultancy assignment and within a single day all staff understood and could put the new report writing format and template into use.

We have performed many similar assignments since then, all with one thing in common, a redesign to relieve the burdensome elements of parts of the report writing process.


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1st May 2017