Customised Training

Condense, lengthen or build a course from scratch
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Whether you want to shorten one of our standard courses because of time constraints, expand a course to cover additional topics, include a case study of particular relevance to your work, or develop a new course tailored to meet your business needs, then give us a call to discuss how we can help you to achieve your learning objectives.

If you can’t find a course in our catalogue that meets your training requirements then we’ll be happy to provide a quote for a bespoke course. Our in-house training catalogue includes only a selection of the many courses that we offer.

A customised report writing course - outline suggested content.
A customised contracts and fraud course - arranging the focus and balance of the learning content.
Using a risk based approach - customising a suggested approach and learning content for regulators.
Creating baseline training for staff interested in high level IT Audit topics - a suggested customisation.

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