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Learning from each other

When Mindgrove develops training courses and materials we use three sources of knowledge to help curate our work.   1) We use our own considerable experience - each one of our presenters had prior business experience before they moved into internal audit.  ...

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Quantum Computing is here

Google claims to be the first company to achieve “Quantum Supremacy” with its new Sycamore quantum computing processor.   The search giant has announced in the journal 'Nature' that their programmable superconducting quantum computing processor has breached a major...

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Mini module learning

Micro-learning, we'll help you keep in step, a bit at a time Learn with us on line   Say goodbye to passive on-line learning: Mindgrove has new technology waiting for you.    Here's what Mindgrove offers you   Short easily assimilated interesting content at...

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GDPR legislation is here, comply now

Enforcement of the GDPR Data Privacy regulations is on top of us now. As an Internal Auditor, Compliance or Risk specialist you will recognise that with potential penalties of up to €20M of 4% of turnoverfor failure to comply in the worst case, this should focus the...

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Auditors and Data Analytics.

Auditors and Data Analytics Getting up to Speed! Auditors are getting up to speed with the use of data extraction, data analysis and data matching. Furthermore, many audit teams decide during the planning phase of audits, whether testing should be driven by Computer...

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