Auditors and Data Analytics

Getting up to Speed!

Auditors are getting up to speed with the use of data extraction, data analysis and data matching.

Furthermore, many audit teams decide during the planning phase of audits, whether testing should be driven by Computer Assisted Audit Techniques. Or, if the audit should include the use of Data Analytics as a key part of the approach.

At one time using data analytics would have been a decision that depended on the working IT knowledge of the audit function. And, often other departments would have been asked to assist, on the assumption that they would have more in-depth knowledge of software.

But, the world has changed and our familiarity with apps on phones, corporate dashboards, and presentation graphics has kick-started a revolution that means all of us can tackle the world of data analytics.

Tools to help the job

Our team at Mindgrove hunts for tools to improve audit efficiency. And, we occasionally come across free software that helps us to produce good data analytics.

So, in future when we find good tools, we’ll post a link to them on our resources pages.

We hope that our sharing will help you to shape your work. Visit our download pages today. Go see what is waiting – the link below will get you there!

Regards, the Mindgrove Team.