Google claims to be the first company to achieve “Quantum Supremacy” with its new Sycamore quantum computing processor.


The search giant has announced in the journal 'Nature' that their programmable superconducting quantum computing processor has breached a major milestone in computing by successfully performing a task in 200 seconds that would require 10,000 years from the best supercomputers in the world.

The achievement has been hailed as a major breakthrough for research into quantum computing methods.


Quantum computing is here!

Here are two questions for you ...


Q1: How might this affect processes ...




What might quantum computing mean to the field of automation or machine learning? 


Does the internal audit team appreciate what super speed data analytics might be able to do for the organisation's audit automation capabilities?

Q2: How might this affect security ...

Most modern systems are protected using keys, passwords and encryption processes.


But we know that quantum computers will be able to guess or break keys or codes at unbelievable speeds due to their ability to process multiple solutions in parallel. What should be done to protect against this threat before it occurs?


Is this is a subject that is of interest to you and about  which you would like to know more?

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