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Have you considered collaborative or shared training as an option?

Are you a small team or have a limited training budget? Do you know of other like-minded organisations in your area who may share your training requirements? 

If so, then why not consider joining forces and bringing one of Mindgrove’s  courses to you, in house, at a time and place of your choosing.

We have run numerous collaborative events over the years and they have been highly successful.

This approach to training works particularly well for non-competitive organisations, for example, local authorities who, due to small team numbers or tight budgetary constraints, could not afford the training they need alone.

Here’s how it works: One organisation – the host – takes the lead in organising the event and liaises with collaborating organisation/s to recruit course attendees. The host also works with Mindgrove to make sure the course content accurately and effectively addresses the common training needs. The host in partnership with collaborators chooses the venue, this could be a local office, a rented conference rook, or even a local hotel.

By sharing the organisation and costs this approach to training gives you highly cost effective access to professional training, and the opportunity to focus on your specific requirements, issues or areas of interest.

You don’t have to choose one of our standard courses: we will be happy to discuss your training needs in detail and develop a course or training programme in line with shared organisational goals and training objectives.

This type of event offers truly excellent value for money by allowing you to share costs with other organisations and gain from training discounts that apply to courses that run with larger numbers. It also gives you control over every aspect of your training budget. And, when you work directly with Mindgrove, you will find that your overall costs are a fraction of what they would have been, had you sent staff off to a public course at a distant location.

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