The shift in the audit approach to data sampling

Covid 19 has made the approach to auditing a challenging time for all and many of us have made a transition to working more online. And, alongside the usual stresses of performing audit work we have discovered or rediscovered the virtues and pitfalls of using software like Zoom, Cisco WebEx and Teams, just to mention a few. Along the way there have been, of course, some humorous moments like when the pet dog jumps onto our keyboard whilst having a serious conversation with an operational manager about her system. But also, we’ve discovered that working from over video links, cutting out some of the time committed to commuting, may also have led to productivity increases.

Working remotely has also placed a lens over the way we perform fieldwork, in particular the testing of controls or sampling of data. And there is a growing recognition that if we could test data electronically and remotely then the ability to explore 100% the data, rather than just a small judgement sample, offers up the possibility of first-hand evidence acquisition and exploration previously only within the skill set of statisticians and data analysts.

Because of these thoughts Mindgrove, for more than 15 years, has been looking at ways of simplifying access to digital media, using commonly available software tools like Excel. But and this is a big but, we have been looking at ways to use the software to get professional results without having to spend your life learning formulae or gaining a degree in the use of Microsoft Software.

So, for 2021 and beyond we will be offering Internal Audit Data Analytics training to help you to access and get the best out of your fieldwork data sampling requirement. No expertise is required, we’ll take you from ground zero to a good skills level in just a day or so. To do this you’ll join us in an ILT virtual classroom, which will offer you hands-on experience using dummy data in real-world situations.  

ILT (Instructor Led Training) using a Virtual Classroom

Our ILT courses are no different in content or duration from the equivalent face-to-face course. You will still be guided through the course by one of Mindgrove’s training presenters and will be provided with the full course manual as if you were in a physical classroom. 

The benefits of this type of training include: zero travel costs, working from home or place of your choosing, working in small training groups at mutually agreed times, flexibility over course pace, and the ability to ask questions at any time as the course progresses.

Want to know more?

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