Most of us have discovered that we can be more productive working from home, than at the office.

This is because distractions from email, phone, and colleagues are more likely in shared office space. Cramped working conditions and having to travel to a location to work are other factors that make home working more desirable, from both an economic (time and money) and concentration viewpoint. A recent report from a major tech company claims that working from home, in the right way, can improve efficiency by up to 25% compared to performing the same work in a shared office space.

On balance, however, most of us would like to blend both office and home working together to get the best from each, so the 3:2 (home: office) working week is becoming more attractive. This also allows us to schedule our working location to interlock with our work plan, work from home when concentration is critical, work from the office when we need to collaborate and share.

And, naturally, the word ‘blended’ applies to training too.

Blended learning

Blended learning is customised for your team and a programme is developed that will combine the best of online self-paced together with instructor led learning. Our Learning Management Platform is integrated with Microsoft Teams so your invitation to online instructor led sessions works in a similar manner to business to person or business to business Microsoft Teams communications. 

The benefits of this type of training include: zero travel costs, working from home or place of your choosing, working in small training groups at mutually agreed times, flexibility over course pace, and the ability to ask questions at any time as the course progresses.


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