"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them with Mindgrove and having them stay."

- Henry Fraud, Founder Fraud Motor Company -

Mindgrove: A leading training company for auditors, governance, risk and control specialists. Where only the best will do.

Mindgrove UK offers high quality, affordable, engaging training for those in Governance, Audit, Compliance, Risk and Control. We provide training from elementary through to advanced skills levels. And, all of our courses meet the need for building and maintaining your professional CPD/CPE credits.

We offer you choice: public courses open-to-all; custom built training around your selected subjects; in-house training – brought to you or shared between parties; and immersive eLearning through our state-of-the art learning portal. 

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You want a public course and to see what’s new for 2019?

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Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, UK.

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We’ve put together a catalogue of training courses we are asked to run again and again. Use this link to view the catalogue, including our new courses for 2019.

You want to train in-house?

Bring one of our courses to your team at a time and place to suit. This is very cost effective and we can focus the training on your team’s requirements.

You want online engaging self-paced learning?

Need to learn anytime, anywhere, at own pace, using any device?

Our new Online Learning Service is here: it’s interactive, graphical and immersive!

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Delegate comments from training events

“The trainer was easy to get along with and made the learning enjoyable throughout the day. And, what came as a real surprise were the additional free materials at the end of the course.”

Delegate from a Local Authority

“Really good course in audit report writing that exceeded my expectations – the presenter was very knowledgeable and used useful and relevant exercises, examples and stories.”

Delegate from an International Airline

“The Audit of Projects is probably the best course I have ever been on, brim-full of knowledge, new ideas and concepts. The only problem was, that I wished it could have gone on for longer!”

Delegate from a Major Construction Company

Auditors and Data Analytics.

Auditors and Data Analytics Getting up to Speed! Auditors are getting up to speed with the use of data extraction, data analysis and data matching. Furthermore, many audit teams decide during the planning phase of audits, whether testing should be driven by Computer...

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Cyberattack and cybercrime floors organisations.

Cyberattack. It gives us no pleasure to say this, but on a Cybercrime course we ran in Scotland only three weeks ago we suggested that basic precautions against cyberattacks, such as keeping patches bang up to date, were often lacking in some of the organisations that...

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Training Events by Mindgrove for you.

We've populated our events calendar with training events that Mindgrove will be running. See them by selecting the 'Upcoming Events' option from our training menu. Some of the events are in Manchester (typically city centre) and some in London (typically W1). Most...

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