Mindgrove has served the audit community for more than twenty years. We are best known for our training in IT Auditing, Audit Report Writing, Improving Audit Efficiency, Project Auditing and Dealing with Challenging Conversations.

Training for internal audit, compliance and risk teams.

Mindgrove UK – the leading independent training organisation – offering high quality, affordable, engaging training for those in Governance, Internal Audit, Compliance, Risk and Control. We provide training from basic to advanced skills levels. And all our courses help you meet the need for maintaining your professional CPD/CPE credits.

We offer you choice: custom built training around your chosen subjects; instructor led training – brought to you or shared between parties through video conferencing; and immersive online learning through our well-respected learning management system. 

Standard course? 

We’ve created a brochure of the instructor led courses we are asked to run most frequently.


Use this link to download it.

Custom course?

We have a large library of learning materials that can be customised.

This can be a cost-effective solution where a standard course might not suit.

Engaging online learning?


Want to learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, on your own device?

 Get a catalogue of low-cost online learning by using this link.

Want to see what our online training looks like? Then follow this link to see a fun sample for yourself.

“Great course in report writing that exceeded my expectations – the presenter was knowledgeable and used relevant examples all the way through. I liked the way that the presenter explained the different approaches taken by organisations in the construction of their internal audit reports. This helped me reflect on our audit report template and how we might improve it”.

Delegate from an International Bank

“Mindgrove’s online course brought what could have been a dull environment to life. I loved the cartoon characters that brought forward ideas and key questions!”

Delegate from an Insurance Company

“When we were on the course the presenter made us work through scenarios, I thought that they didn’t apply to us, and then in the middle of the next audit I had this awful sensation of deja-vue because there was exactly the same situation now staring me in the face.”

Delegate from a Local Authority

“I thought the blended approach combining Microsoft Teams Webinars and online learning was great. I was hooked from start to finish. This was complex IT decoded in an understandable way. Terrific value for money.”

Delegate from an Asset Management Company

Working from HomeCovid 19 has made this year an exceedingly challenging time for all of us and some of us have already decided to spend...

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Learning from each other

Learning from each other

When Mindgrove develops training courses and materials we use three sources of knowledge to help curate our work.   1) We use our own...

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