Micro-learning, keep in step, a little at a time

Learning on line

Organisations are wary when it comes to online learning as there is a commonly held idea that online learning is dull, time consuming and delivers few benefits.

This idea is way behind what we have to offer as we use technology that creates a new dynamic.

Here’s what Mindgrove offers your team

Short easily assimilated interesting content at a low cost

Mindgrove’s Learning Modules are short – one to two hour – self-paced study units delivering knowledge in a concise, graphical and interesting way. They are a low-cost way of learning a subject without the time and expense of attending face-to-face training. You don’t have to download PDFs for self-study, we’ve curated content for you online.

Many of our learners say our content is:  ‘A bit like an interactive magazine that unfolds before you’. And, many of our learners like the humour they see built into some of our graphics, as it helps them to remember.

Live now – ready to go

All modules are hosted on our state-of-the-art Oracle/SAP Litmos platform currently achieving better than 98% up-time.

We offer learning that is easy to navigate from a customised dashboard and accessible from any placeand at any timethere is a network connection. The learning works from any device – phone, tablet or screen and the content is responsive and self-organising. Rotate your screen and the content changes to maximise screen space and visibility.

Your connection is secure (https) and the learning needs only a browser (Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) to access the content. Adobe flash or other software is not required. Downloads of after-course materials, such as course key support notes or audit work-programmes or checklists, are in a passive format such as PDF.

All learners have an active role

Our learner dashboard is sophisticated enabling you to navigate, communicate and engage in the process. All learners have free access to orientation courses to help get them off the ground.

There is practical work associated with every single module of learning … this comes in three forms: Knowledge Checks, Quizzes and Case Studies.

  • Knowledge Checksare embedded in line with learning and test your knowledge at key points in the learning. Some checks are knowledge callbacks and others are scenario based. A typical one-hour programme will have a knowledge check about every 10 – 15 minutes of study.

  • Quizzesare timed and scored multi-question tests they can be based on the module or on a set scenario. A pass mark of 80% is set for all quizzes. Quizzes are separate modules linked to the body of knowledge that lock you in until your test is complete. Scored results and an ability to review your results is included within each quiz.

  • Case studiesare practical work that has to be completed by studying embedded content and then taking a timed quiz or by submitting written answers to a tutor.

An easy way to improve your knowledge base and gain credit

It can be tricky keeping up learning alongside a portfolio of demanding work, we know, as this is the situation we are in too.

Our modules are self-paced therefor they can fit in with your other commitments, and they all, on completion, get attendance completion certificates to support your ongoing CPD/CPE requirements.

Get in touch with us, when you are ready and in the mood to taking your learning plan forward.

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