Auditors: Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.


In 2019 there is growing evidence that many low-level functions across the workplace are going to be displaced by devices driven by artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, as long ago as 2015, the BBC published an article and a search tool on their website that showed the likelihood of a job being automated.

You can see the article and try out the job search tool, for yourself, by selecting this link will my job be automated. Try entering the term ‘Internal Audit‘ into the search box. [You will give a sigh of relief when you do so!].

However, don’t rest easy just yet,as we have moved on five years or more since the article was first compiled, and artificial intelligence together with machine learning, has taken leaps and bounds forward in that short time.

It’s hard to believe but, at the time of writing this blog, we have more than ten different trials of autonomous vehicles taking place around the world, simultaneously. By the end of 2019 these autonomous operations will have clocked up millions of miles of road coverage.

If we focus on the jobs that are losing out to automation they appear to have a couple of things in common.The work is repetitive, and is rules driven.

This means that each repetition of a task is similar to the one before. So plausibly, this means that job roles that focus on repetitive testing might give way to automation,whereas roles that are driven by intellectual challenges and complexity are probably more safe.

To help you think about this in a constructive way, and to take part in the discussion of part of the future of audit we’ve put together a new one-day training event for this year. It’s called: ‘Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics’ and it promises to be fun. Why not join us? For more information about the course, its content and when it is running, use the button below to navigate to the course detail.

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